Sunday, May 26, 2013

.The summer of 2012 was hard on Eagle Marsh. This large pond is about 1/3 of it's normal size in July of 2012 concentrating the fish in a confined pool in shallow water.  This day I counted 65 Blue Heron enjoying the buffett.  Obviously, being a goldfish puts one at a disadvantage when trying to avoid being eaten.
Green Frog chorus, Eagle Marsh, June 2012.  Maybe how Chorus Frogs evolved.

Turtle nest at Fox Island Co. Park. (Painted Turtle?) 88' 3" from water's edge.  Quite a hike for little legs.

Northern Cardinal chick 1 day old.  Same rose bush as 2012 but last year chicks did not survive. Chicks are doing well and now feathering out.