Saturday, August 17, 2013

Always Look Both Ways!

While walking at Bowman Lake, a young White Tailed deer crossed the path ahead of me unconcerned that there were several park visitors just a few yards away.  This deer was headed towards the west end of the park.
About 1 1/2 hours later, as I was passing the west boundary of Fox Island Park a young deer crossed the road ahead of me and entered a large soy bean field and proceeded to wade through the beans that were often over it's head.  I pulled off of the road to take pictures when I noticed a second deer crossing the roadway. As I started to snap pictures of the second deer I heard a car pass behind me headed towards the deer which had stopped to look in my direction.

For some unknown reason the young deer decided to go back across the road as the car approached.  In it's haste to clear the road the deer was loosing footing at each lunge forward.
After about three strides the deer began to gain footing and I could hear the car's breaks being applied in order to avoid what appeared to be a certain collision.

I could hear the clattering of the deer's hooves on the pavement and see the hood of the car dive towards the asphalt as the driver continued his panic stop.

Fortunately, the observant driver was able to stop in time, avoiding what could have been a very bad outcome.