Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Room With A View

Humans provide many opportunities for our feathered and furry friends to lead a more comfortable and productive life.  Bird feeders are just an example of out attempts to entice song birds to our backyards for the simple joy of watching birds eat and just live life.  On the down side, bird eating raptors find well stocked bird feeders an open buffet with a great selection.  On the plus side, some members of the wildlife community find the feeders cozy and welcoming.  Some designs work better than others.

The only problem here is that "Rocky" seems to be sitting in his dinner plate.

Photo by:
Jonathan Ormiston
Noble Co., IN

This design seems to work well for raising a family also.
 This female Flying Squirrel is raising two youngsters where all the world can see.

Deer Run - Allen County Parks
Allen Co., IN

Flying Squirrels, in Indiana, are not often seen during daylight hours. While a more correct term would be "Gliding" Squirrel, they have developed an excellent way to move about the forest expending the least amount of energy.  This mother seemed very calm about having visitors as she groomed and cared for her naked young.