Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Beat Goes On!

What do the Allen County Parks do in the winter time? Winter time is the ideal time to run programs on tracks and animal winter adaptations that allow them to survive in our climate. School groups regularly take advantage of these offerings.

Fox Island and Metea Parks also rent cross country skiing equipment for the visitors who want to see the snow covered landscape of the parks. Several of the trails in each park are restricted to skiing traffic only when there is at least 4" of snow on the ground.  Allen County Parks are two of the few places in the state that rents cross country skiing equipment and draws visitors from outside of the county as well as local visitors.
This school group learns about the anatomy of the crayfish through dissection led by Metea Park naturalist and former biology teacher Ron Divelbiss 
Several classes and workshops are offered to school groups and the general public related to the natural world of the parks. When the temperature dips below zero and the wind and snow are blowing, rest assured, the parks staff is busily laying out the offerings for the coming warmer weather.  For more information on the current and future offerings as well as current skiing conditions in the parks please go to Allen County Parks